Berkeley Lab
Ongoing Commissioning

Berkeley Lab established an Ongoing Commissioning Team in the fall of 2017 and has been rigorously following the ongoing commissioning process described in these pages ever since. Each year, we fix about 150 building mechanical system deficiencies over a series of 10 to 12 repeated cycles that we call "sprints."

Ongoing Commissioning is all about process. It is a process to reliably identify and select energy-wasting deficiencies in building operations, promptly fix those deficiencies and verify proper operation, then calculate and maintain the savings over time. We have found the ongoing commissioning process to be an effective way to resolve the many layers of complicated mechanical and lighting system problems that are often found in larger campus facilities.

For those interested in more detail, please see Generating Significant and Persistent Energy Savings in Building Operations Using an Ongoing Commissioning Approach, a 13-page overview of our approach to ongoing commissioning.